Big Day for Team Benedict

Today was a big day for Team Benedict. Took the tube in this morning and registered Pj for school. What a catharsis…we have been planning, praying, and working towards this point for almost a year. I am so proud of her. Took pictures of all these moments for our London Sponsor Momma Maske. Pj was so giddy to hang out with the group of 7 women who share her program. It seemed like an awesome diverse group of nations and talents. French, Welsh, Korean, African and British…Pj was the lone american and married one. (I should note that they were all impressed that the husband moved with…sweet!) After that we set up the bank account which means that we can hopefully pay the deposit and first month’s rent when we find a place. Although it’s still awfully depressing when you turn in a sum of money and get back less than half..*sigh*. The rest of the day we rewarded ourselves with a trip down to Gower street (in Bloomsbury) where our colleges house is (Madison House) and tea at 5pm. We rode the Tube home in peak time and had a little adventure when they anncouned that everyone had to get off the train at a random stop because there there was “a person under a train” …what the!… Don’t worry though, we got home eventually.
Central School of Speech and Drama


14 responses to “Big Day for Team Benedict

  1. They met you and were still impressed, nice! You are the man.

  2. I’m so excited for you guys!

    I want to see pictures sometime.

  3. Love it! I’ll live it with you… the only way a mother who wasn’t invited to London can…by reading it. Horray! A bit scarry, or not at all?
    Favorite thing so far besides the pubs?

  4. Good luck at school PJ!

  5. I’m proud of PJ, too! And Bruce! Good job, Benedicts! ❤

  6. That was me under the train…just curious…sorry!

  7. Are you going to upload your pics?

  8. I miss you guys! Glad to hear things are going well. I must remember to send you money soon so you can send me Crunchie bars…….


    Love you both immensely,

  9. It is good to hear you are where you are…after all the talking and dreaming it is a reality. What a great adventure.

  10. I wish I had tea in London at 5 pm. Although that’s practically dinner time.

    Also, Bruce, will you please tell PJ that there is a picture she should see on my mySpace and that there is lots of blogging about the person in the picture at the website I put on the website line which I don’t know if it will show up somewhere or not. Anyway, I’d very much appreciate it. Just wanted to make sure she knew about this person. That’s all.

  11. Go PJ! I’m so excited for y’all! And go Bruce too for being a good hubby. 🙂

  12. Hi, guys! We miss you! Glad to hear that things are going well…we’ll keep praying for the housing situation!

    Love you both,
    Neil, Trish, Ellie, and baby

  13. So, Hamlet opened yesterday at the IRT and that made me think of you – not that a revenge tragedy makes me think of you, but Shakespeare leads to England which leads to me wondering how Bruce and PJ are doing. I made a mental note to check your blog to see how things were going. PJ – your classmates sound very interesting – how lucky to have such a diverse group of women to learn with. I will have to get with the ladies of scripture to vote on it, but I am quite certain it will be a unamimous vote of YIPEE!

  14. Well my dream has come true seeing P.J. at grad school. As alwayI am so thankful to God for this opportunity to love and support P.J. and Bruce. They are the most precious gifts that God has put in my life.
    Words can not express my feelings so I will simply say;
    Thank you Lord,
    Thank you Joe,
    Thank you P.J. and Bruce,
    Be wonderful & enjoy every day in His name!
    All my love,

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