On the Road…to Va

We’re on the road now. Leaving our house, our town, our state…all with a sense of finality. What a conflict of feelings and emotions. I’m really excited about the driving and the sense of travel purpose…all the while feeling my heart realing with the gravity of the move. John Beeler made a mix for us with one of my favorite songs, although i don’t think he knew it. i cried when it came on and starting thumping the steering wheel to the tune (Steve Earle – I Feel Alright). Also, lumpy crow has been a source of constant comfort. He will guard the truck tonight and says that he will also help with the driving. (???)
on the road…to Va


One response to “On the Road…to Va

  1. Hey,

    Bruce and P.J. Wow what a move! I can’t believe you pulled this off with no major hitches!! I am so proud of you P.J. of you both and want you to know my heart and mind is with you all the time. Do not let yourself get homesick because it is just a blink of the eye and you have the rest of your lives to benefit from such a cool experience! I Love You write me sometime. Cottelle@aol.com

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