Front Porch Beauty and Parting Thoughts

This could be a long one. With thoughts of parting, sorrow, joy and excitement to come. Our wonderful community gathered about us on sunday night and packed our truck (it was big enough!!), fed us, and then threw a great party for us. We talked about everything we usually talk about with maybe a few more tears than usual. Kudos to the Beelers, the Ficks, and the Moving men for their graciousness and wonder-working! (p.s. – Lee Hinkle is a packing genius). I was stuck most of the night humming a tune that I’d written about pleasant street. ( earlier that day the song randomly came on and made PJ cry). The moment that got me was sitting on the steps talking to Kipp Normand about a Community Group he may start this fall (jason dorsey at work again!) on his street in SoBro. He says that he will call it the Odd Fellowship…which made me so happy and full of joy for the future. Then I was caught up in the laughter and play of the children running around tieing each other up in packing rope and dragging each other around. Thus overwhelmed, I excused myself to the kitchen, and preceded to sob uncontrollably. Other highlights of the eve were djarum’s(tonya), raspberry pie(bethany), and Marshall Borings special dance (ask pj).
Pleasant Street


One response to “Front Porch Beauty and Parting Thoughts

  1. I will keep you posted on the doings of the Odd Fellowship. You will be inducted as an honorary member. I love you both and miss you even more than I thought I would which is a whole lot.

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