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My Brightest Diamond @ The Luminaire

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On Monday night this week we got to see My Brightest Diamond in concert at the Luminaire which is a small little club in Kilburn (north central burrough of london). This is a sweet place to see music. In fact on the walls it said, “if you have come here with your mates to talk you’re in the wrong place and we will ask you to leave or shut up.” Something like that. you get the drift. Anyway, MBD rocked the house. We had such a good time and want to publically thank mike k and john b for getting us tix. Here is a sweet pick. “Freak out”!!


oh Westminster

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I have thought a lot about this building the past 6 or 7 years. It is the front of the Westminster abbey whose pictures show up on on all things related to the presbyterian standards. The Cardiphonia website is based on the floor plan of this beautiful church. I would have loved to gone inside but it cost 10 pounds. so…pj and i passed. But here’s a cloudy day picture for you.

Sex Trafficking installation in Trafalgar Square

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Friday we had lunch at Trafalgar square on the steps in front of the National Gallery. This is one of Pj’s favorite square’s because of the beautiful view of St Martin-in-the-Fields church. Right now the entire church is covered in scaffolding from head to foot. Someone told us that we should invest in a scaffolding company in London. They were right…you would make a fortune. This picture is of a huge installation right now about the journey of women from eastern europe to london enslaved in the sex trafficking trade. It is quite a shoking piece in contast to the typical london eye fare. I was struck by it because my friend Matt Hale has taught me to look at graffitti art differently. Here is a link to read more.

London Bridges falling up

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We spent all day thursday going about being dedicated tourists. I brought the big camera we took along waterbottles and wore sensible shoes. Highlights of the day were seeing the Globe Theatre, the Madison House (where we will hopefully live next year), and walking along the southbank (Tate Modern, etc). It was totally cold and drizzly all day. But it’s all part of the london charm. You never realized how nice it was to dodge into a little cafe around 4:30 or 5 for a tea or coffee. We had a lovely little repsite in an italian run place in bloomsbury today. so nice!

nestled in with suits and glass and cobblestone

I spent the day yesterday at two church buildings nestled into the heart of downtown London. Both of these churches would seem idylic in an english countryside yet they stand amidst the finance capital of europe. The first church is St. Botolphs-without-aldersgate which is where London City presbyterian worships and has their offices. (The site of St.Botolph’s has had a church on it for 1000 years and the current building is 300-400 yrs old. Nearby is the site of the where Charles Wesley was converted). It is a typically beautiful and old anglican church. The second church was St. Helens, Bishopsgate. This church is evidently fairly well known in the city for it’s evangelical status. I went there with David Strain to a pastor’s group. A group of about 9 ministers meet on a regular basis to listen to each other’s sermons and provide prayer and encouragment. It was a privilege to be there.

Big Day for Team Benedict

Today was a big day for Team Benedict. Took the tube in this morning and registered Pj for school. What a catharsis…we have been planning, praying, and working towards this point for almost a year. I am so proud of her. Took pictures of all these moments for our London Sponsor Momma Maske. Pj was so giddy to hang out with the group of 7 women who share her program. It seemed like an awesome diverse group of nations and talents. French, Welsh, Korean, African and British…Pj was the lone american and married one. (I should note that they were all impressed that the husband moved with…sweet!) After that we set up the bank account which means that we can hopefully pay the deposit and first month’s rent when we find a place. Although it’s still awfully depressing when you turn in a sum of money and get back less than half..*sigh*. The rest of the day we rewarded ourselves with a trip down to Gower street (in Bloomsbury) where our colleges house is (Madison House) and tea at 5pm. We rode the Tube home in peak time and had a little adventure when they anncouned that everyone had to get off the train at a random stop because there there was “a person under a train” …what the!… Don’t worry though, we got home eventually.
Central School of Speech and Drama

The Spence’s

We had a wonderful time hanging out with our family in Chelmsford this last week. Everyone say hi to Andy, Rachel, Cameron, and Nalini! They fed us, took us around, and let us play with their children. What more could you ask for?? Highlights of our stay were visiting Cambridge for the day, having time with the Huffman’s (Rachel’s parents) and a proper lunch at a nice pub after church on sunday. The huffman’s go to a great church called Meadgate Church in greater Baddow. Did I mention the crunchie’s bars??