they’ll visit us, they’ll visit us…not

So we were having dinner with some friends of ours a couple of weeks ago, Tyler and Laura Henderson. They have been so great to use these past couple of months passing down to us vital info about traveling and studying overseas…and luggage. One thing they prepared us for was the onslaught of friends and family who would tell you that they are going to come visit when you are abroad. Honestly, I’m pretty excited about it the prospects. Friends dropping into check up on me and carry me through a dark london winter promising to put me into a depressed doldrum. i think it stresses PJ out a little though. She is going to be really busy with school and studies and ‘moving’ about. The first couple weeks of january looks to be really fun with friends Keither Scherer and John and Tonya Beeler dropping in for a spot of tea.
they love us, they love us not


2 responses to “they’ll visit us, they’ll visit us…not

  1. Tea…maybe.


    And a word of grammatical clarification, please…what exactly is going to put you into a depressed doldrom? The dark London winter OR the friends dropping in?


  2. I would like to visit for tea, but right now I’m too full of Mexican and Moroccan!

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