Trip on the High Seas

Travel by seas

 steamer/PJ and I had a wonderful time on friday night at Big Car Gallery in Fountain Square entertaining our friends with bits and pieces of artistic trivia from our time in Indianapolis.  We played songs from Emory Salem and Ebenezer and the Hymnasters and PJ read works from many different sources (including some original prose by Jim Walker and John Beeler).  We were joined by musicians Eric Evans, Bethany Hodge, Kipp Normand and Elyce Elder.  Wolfy opened up and played a cover of “sooner than later’.  I later covered one of their early songs “bel canto.”   It was also a real treat to feature movement by Katie Bacone and dramatic support from Christa Shoot! 

Here’s the lyrics to the last song we played called “Trip on the High Seas”
(to listen click here)

There’s a ticket that you left behind                  

You put it in a dresser drawer                          

A plan to take a trip on the high seas                

Your brother showed you photographs
The mimes in Paris made you laugh
You’d purchased all the travel books and maps 

You wore a ring he bought for you
A diamond bigger than your dreams
The hope of freedom from the solitude 

Oh, You lived the world of Europe then
And read the books of Henry James
You longed to walk in high society 

With Daisy Miller as your friend
You’d turn the heads of Parisian men
Doan yourself in the latest fashion trends 

The old world always wooed your heart
Across the great big sea apart
To ride a steamer never to return 

Now your ring is on her hand
It carries him within your plan
To cover all the oceans of the world 


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