searching for a place to live in another country is evidently a little difficult. We would freely admit to this except for the fact that we have never gone about it before. In thinking about finding housing attending grad school at a US school it would be a small blip on the anxiety radar. The ‘flat’ search is going very poorly at this point. In fact, yesterday morning Pj announces to me that she has applied for a brand new flat being finished up by the Universitiy of Lonon on gower street in Bloomsbury (which on the ‘expense’ scale is one of the coolest, hippest, and priciest parts of London. Since we haven’t found any luck elsewhere I gave it the thumbs up and went to fix my morning mate latte. here’s the detes on the Gower street flat for those of you up on your london exchange rate/real estate #’s.

Double Bedroom, kitchen/diner, bathroom//a week £264.00 a month £1,144.00
Gower Street Flat floor design


3 responses to “eenie-meenie-minie-NO

  1. hey, bruce & pj!

    thanks for sending us your blog link. we look forward to accompanying you (virtually) on this journey!

    josh & i are neck-high in boxes right now, too, as we get ready for our move to the country.

    we’ll be praying for you as you say goodbye, journey, find a new home…

    la familia garrels

  2. Are you freakin’ kidding me? That’s way more than my mortgage including escrow!

    So does that mean a year of Ramen Noodles?

  3. 1,144.00 GBP = 2,269.64 USD
    ZING! That’s almost more than I’m making a year at this point! (Heh!)

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