pre-trip jitters

Life is more and more taking on the reality of our upcoming uprooting to London. the house is filling up with boxes. our landlord and friends the beelers are constantly showing potentail renters around the house. Pj and I are starting to feel the stress of finding housing and getting ready for a trip to chicago to pay omage to the visa oracle.

“Will we able to travel safely to Britain?” Will we be able to work and find happiness?”  

Discussions such as “should we pack an extra suitcase for the week in
Virginia, or just live out of our London suitcases?” What street is that flat for rent on? I’ll look it up on Google earth…it’s insane. the process of moving, leaving, realizing how much you love a place…but only the nebulous time of announcing your moving to a community. You start to become closer to people you never knew, you realize that you feel closer to people you’ve known for years. You become obsessed with making every moment ‘sweet’ and eternal.


2 responses to “pre-trip jitters

  1. i’m so excited for you guys/jealous. i’m sure wonderful adventures await you in the land of alice and the cheshire cat. can’t wait to keep myself glued to this blog like sticky on toffee pudding.
    go to camden lock on sundays! open markets!

  2. And they’re off!!! What a bunch of mixed feelings, I’m sad, yet excited for the opportunities before you! A London connection will certainly be nice, why don’t you just take a little bit of my heart with you and play some tunes for those folks, and figure out where the pulse for Christ is!

    With deepest love,

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